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When I'm With Him

Fatima puts her books into the locker. She looks at something which is pasted on the inside of her locker door and smiles. Her friend, Anis, sees her smiling from afar. Out of curiosity, Anis walks up to Fatima to check out what she is smiling about.

"Hey!" Anis surprises Fatima. Fatima jumps and automatically closes her locker door.

"Oops, sorry, Assalamu'alaikum," says Anis while smiling sheepishly.

Fatima shoots a dagger look at Anis. "Wa'alaikumussalam."

"Heh heh. What were you smiling about?" Anis asks eagerly.

"Wha? Oh ...eh, how did you know I was smiling? Were you stalking me or something?" Fatima looks at Anis questioningly.

Anis smiles innocently. "Aw, come on, you can tell me. Is he your new crush?" asks Anis while wiggling her eyebrows.

"What?! Crush? ... Hmm, he is not exactly my crush. And he is not 'new'. Technically, he has been there for me since, like, forever..." Fatima stares dreamily into space.

"Oi! There you go, again. Thinking about him, huh?" Anis nudges her friend.

"Eheh. Sorry," Fatima replies and smiles sheepishly.

"So, what makes him so special?"

"Ah, first and foremost, he loves me. You know, he is always there for me. He teaches me the right way to do things. Even when I do things that are against his teachings, he still forgives me..." Fatima's eyes start to water.


"...He also gives me strength to go on in this life. He never leaves my side. He always listens to me no matter how ridiculous my stories are. Yup, I can totally be myself around him. And when I'm with him, I feel stronger. You know, I feel like I can totally achieve what I want in my life because I know he will help me. He gives me confidence..."

"Wow, again..."

"The funny thing is, I didn't know that he was with me the whole time. You know how I used to be sad and depressed all the time? Now, that I'm with him, I don't anymore. He is just so special, you know?"

"Woah, Fatima, you're totally in love, girl! Pleaseeeeee I'm dying to know his name!"

Right at that moment, the bell rings. Fatima suddenly remembers that her class is about to start soon. She only manages to wink at Anis before zooming off to class. Anis sighs and scurries off to her class.

In the English class, Fatima and her classmates are asked to write a short poem about the one that they love most in the world. It can be a person, a hobby or anything. As long as they hold it dear to their hearts. Fatima knows who she is going to write a poem about the second her teacher finishes giving her instruction.

When I'm With Him

I never feel lonely

I feel real love

I feel like I can be myself

I feel strong

I feel like I can achieve anything

I feel grateful

Because I am finally with HIM

Where I belong

"Gosh, you're so loved up!" Fatima jumps to the familiar voice, again. She looks up and sees Anis ...with a glee on her face.

"Anis, stop surprising me!" she playfully shoves Anis. "What are you doing here anyway?"

"You promised to have lunch with me yesterday, remember? So, here I am. Waiting for you to stop day-dreaming so we can have lunch together," says Anis while gesturing towards the cafe.

"Oh, right. Yup, let's go," Fatima says while dragging Anis to the cafe.

"So, who is your special someone? Please Fatima, you're killing me here. Is it Daud? Or Ahmad? Or that dude who works at Pizza Hut that you thought were, er, 'cute'?" Anis asks Fatima when they are finally seated at a table at the cafe. Her eyes are bulging with anticipation.

"What? No! He is waaaaaaaaaaaayyy more special than them," Fatima says and smiles widely.

"Okay, then tell me who he is already!" Anis frowns.

"Aw, don't be mad. Okay, I'll tell you tomorrow. Meet me at my locker in the morning before class. You know, the exact same place where you ambushed me this morning..."

"What? Tomorrow? I'll die by tomorrow! Tell me today!"

"Don't be a drama queen," Fatima brushes off her friend's threat and pops in a small meatball into her mouth.

The next morning, Anis is already standing in front of Fatima's locker with a look of excitement on her face when Fatima arrives at school.

"Assalamu'alaikum, you're strangely early today," says Fatima while opening her locker door.

"Wa'alaikumussalam. What? I'm always early..."

Fatima laughs softly while loading books into her locker.

"Are you ready to know who my love is?" she asks Anis who is standing behind the locker door.

"Yup. Have been ready since yesterday."

Fatima opens her locker door widely so Anis can see what is pasted on the inside.

"Masya-Allah!" is the only word that comes out of Anis' mouth.

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